Kelis B. Profile Thumb

Kelis B.

4 days ago

I really enjoy living here, the people are friendly and the environment is nice and spacious. There are plenty of great amenities like the 24 hour lounge and gym!

Thanks Kelis for the 5 stars! The 24 hour gym is great, especially if you need to workout to relieve stress from your busy class schedule. Stop by to see us for a cup of coffee or tea (hot chocolate will be out soon)! Do not forget to watch the "App" for all of our events!

Jordan T. Profile Thumb

Jordan T.

5 days ago

I thoroughly enjoy living here. It’s my second year now and I’ve had little to no problems. The staff is friendly and they will get anything you need done.

Hey Jordan! We appreciate you taking the time to review Collegiate Commons! It was great to see you at our "Welcome Back to School" event last week! Thanks for keeping Collegiate Commons your home away from home while getting your degree!

Fallon F. Profile Thumb

Fallon F.

5 days ago

i love living here. the environment is very safe and welcoming. i have no complaints whatsoever. i plan to staying here for the remainder of my college career.

Thank you Fallon for choosing Collegiate for your home while in college! We are excited that you plan to stay here your entire college career. Please watch your "APP" for upcoming events!

Ashley B. Profile Thumb

Ashley B.

7 days ago

I love living here, it is home they have events to get you to know your neighbors. It is an all around great, perfect service with customer service.

Thank you Ashley for the kind words. Our team enjoys hosting events to help you find community at Collegiate. Grocery Store Bingo will be in October and we hope to see you there!

Kaia M. Profile Thumb

Kaia M.

10 days ago

I absolutely love it. I love having my own space, come in when I want, whenever I want. I love that I’m protected with security at night. My roommates are cool.

Hi Kaia! We are so happy that you are enjoying your college living experience with Collegiate Commons. We hope that you will continue another lease term with us to enjoy the Collegiate Commons lifestyle. Let our team know if we can assist you with your apartment. We are here to help!

Teonja T. Profile Thumb

Teonja T.

20 days ago

My roommates are very nice & clean. Everyone in the office is very helpful and ensure that I have everything that I need to feel like I am at home.

Thank you Teonja for selecting Collegiate Commons for your college living experience. We value you as a resident and welcome any suggestions or ideas to keep you comfortable at Collegiate. Our team appreciates that you took the time to give us a review and the 5 stars. Wow! Watch the "APP" for upcoming events! Our "Welcome Back to School" party will be held this month! We hope to see you there!

Cheyenne A. Profile Thumb

Cheyenne A.

25 days ago

i love it here! the community is very home like and welcoming, everyone around is eager and happy to help! i’m glad i decided on making collegiate commons my home away from home!

We are so glad Cheyenne as well that you are making Collegiate Commons your home away from home. I hope that you will take advantage of our activities that we offer. Our Welcome Back party will be held on September 13th! I hope to see your there! Let us know if you need any help with anything! We are here for you!

Kiarra L. Profile Thumb

Kiarra L.

25 days ago

It’s really quiet yet welcoming here. The leasing office is full of helpful staff members, they’re hands on and quick with everything. There aren’t any loud neighbors and I really enjoy that.

Thanks Kiarra for the kind words about Collegiate Commons! Our team is excited for the new 2019-20 school year and glad that you chose Collegiate for your college living experience. Stay tuned for out Welcome Back party in September!